Club Membership

  • Individual memberships cost $175 per year unless deemed necessary to increase by the board of directors on a yearly basis

  • Family members who already have one full paid $175 membership may sign up additional family members at the reduced price of $75 per family addition

  • Youth memberships are $75 per year for any member under the age of 18 years

  • Memberships can be shared in cases of only working one dog. If another dog is added the additional family member must pay the additional family price

  • Membership into Way Out West is for from July 1st to June 30th the next year.

  • You may ask to join Way Out West throughout the year and the $175 will be prorated if you join during the July 1st to June 30th time frame

  • You must be a member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America prior to joining Way Out West (go to and click on “join” on the left hand side of the page for information on becoming a member of USCA)

Updated Club Rules EFFECTIVE 8/4/19



Board members from Way Out West Schutzhund Club and Wild West Dog SportClub had a meeting this weekend to discuss the sign up board procedures.   The new sign up procedures are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, 


New procedure:


  • At 7:00 pm (SUMMER HOURS) 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm (WINTER HOURS) a member from the WOW board will do a lottery draw for everyone present currently at the field.  

  • Once the draw starts you will NOT be able to add your name to the draw.  

  • There is no order to the draw, it will be decided based on those present.  Example you can show up at 6:59 pm and if it is decided you can draw first you can draw first.

  • If you have multiple dogs, the draw is ONLY for your first dog

  • If there are multiple people present at the start of draw who have more than one dog, there will be a 2nd draw for them once the first draw is complete

  • If you have 3 or more dogs, you must have 5 dogs between your 2nd dog and your 3rd dog.  Only 2 dogs need between your 1st and 2nd dog.

  • Once everyone present at the START of the draw has drawn their order, the line up is first come first serve.  




At 7:00 pm there are 9 people present.

  • 9 numbered poker chips will go into the bag

  • Each of the 9 present will draw one chip to determine their order

  • If you show up after the announcement that draw is starting, you will NOT be added to the draw

  • If there are multiple people present at 7:00 pm with multiple dogs, there will be a 2nd draw to determine order

  • If you show up after the draw has started, sign up is first come first serve once draw is complete.  


Reminder of club rules / new rules:

  • Helpers will still be worked into the board so their dogs are worked

  • If you sign up for two spots on the board for the same dog (OB and protection) you PAY $20 for each slot.  

  • If you have a puppy and you DO NOT want to work your puppy in a puppy circle and take a numbered slot on the board, you WILL pay $20 for that slot (member or non member).  Puppy circle is free to members and $10 for non members (paid to Joel) Puppy circle is for puppies under 7 months old.

  • If you plan to be at the field late be considerate and don't take a spot within in the top 5.

  • There are no longer non member spots on the board after the draw it is all first come first serve.  

  • Trial dogs are still a first come first serve. Trial dog list starts 4 weeks from trial.  If you are not a member you must have submitted your entry and fees prior to being placed on the trial dog list.

  • ALL SPOTS MUST BE PAID FOR WHEN YOUR NAME IS PLACED ON THE BOARD.  You must advise the person collecting if you are paying by PayPal or other method, and this must be done EVERY NIGHT.  

  • You MUST have your dog ready and on DECK when the dog before you is on the field.

An updated list of rules will be posted by the end of the week.  The boards of WOW and Wild West appreciate your support in adhering to new rules.  We appreciate all the feed back we have received over the last couple weeks on how we can improve.  


If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to reach out to a board member.